What Makes the Perfect Dance Pants?

What Makes the Perfect Dance Pants?

Every serious dancer I know—male or female—is extra picky about the pants they wear for class and rehearsal. They’ll try every pair that enters the market in search of the perfect dance pants. And even then, most people I know get their pants tailored to their liking.

So when I asked a few dancer’s what makes the perfect dance pants, I wasn’t surprised when I got an overwhelming amount of detailed responses.

What makes the perfect dance pants? Here are the main attributes that everyone agreed on:

Makes Your Legs Look Long, Slim, and Straight

Above all else, everyone agreed that looks are most important. The pants must make your legs look long and slim, and have a flattering fit right when you slip them on.

In most cases, the cut should be straight, with a slight taper starting from below the knee. The waist shouldn’t be too low, and the fit should be slim but not tight.


After looks, comfort is key. Dancers look for fabrics that are soft, stretchy, but not too thin and unstructured. They prefer materials that feel cool and smooth against the skin.

Like dance, many workouts require your body to extend in many directions. Uncomfortable pants can feel restricting. One super comfortable option I’ve tried is Women's Double Drawstring Aerial Dance Pants. These feel almost like pajamas, but still have a flattering shape.           

Doesn’t Lose Its Shape

I can’t stress how important this is. Everyone has owned a pair of dance pants that’s lost its shape after a few wears. Some pants get baggy as soon as you stretch, others look good in the morning, but are a different story after a day of dancing. Bagging usually occurs in the knee and butt area, which is super unflattering.

To avoid this, reach for synthetics like nylon and spandex, which can stretch and recover back to their original shape. Thicker fabrics that skim over the body are also less likely to lose their shape.

Dries Quickly

The perfect dance pants have to dry quickly. Dancers detest feeling cold, wet, or sticky after class. Wearing wet clothing is also bad for your skin and muscles.

Some pants have quick-drying abilities but the material is so thin, your body heat escapes too. The Men’s Aerial Dance Pants strike a perfect balance—they keep your legs dry and warm at the same time.

No Unflattering or Uncomfortable Pockets and Seams

Many dancers actually get the pockets of their pants taken out and sewn shut. The cut, material, or positioning of the pockets can often create bulk where you don’t want it. Pockets can also get in the way during dance movements and deep stretching. The new Women’s Dance Pants bypass these problems by getting rid of pockets altogether.

Another thing dancers are picky about are seams. Many pants nowadays have exposed seams in places classical Chinese dancers don’t want to highlight, for example the butt. Also, when seams are placed too low across the butt, they can shorten the legs.


Male and female, everyone said that ideally they can wear their dance pants both in and out of the studio. Often, pants that are too thin, get baggy, or aren’t cut nicely are reserved just for class—and often only worn when there are no other pants left.

You never know when you need to break out a few moves, and you don’t want your clothes restricting you when you’re out and about.



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