Our Designer

The Chief Designer of Shen Yun Dancer is the same artist who creates the costumes of Shen Yun Performing Arts and the dancewear that Shen Yun performers train in. His apparel is markedly different from what is trendy today. Every feature—including the fabric, color palette, style, and cut—bears the distinct aesthetic of Shen Yun. The designs are well-loved by the performance’s wide audiences and Shen Yun dancers alike. To meet popular demand, we are happy to bring Shen Yun dancers’ training wear, casualwear, as well as formal attire and other products to the public—to make them available to all our friends who cherish the world of Shen Yun.

Our Values

Shen Yun Dancer aims to bring timeless values and aesthetics to your everyday life. We believe that there is an “artist” in everyone. With over a decade of experience in crafting the most meticulous and demanding clothing for the world-class dancers of Shen Yun, we carefully select the most refined fabrics to pair with each of our designs to bring you ultimate comfort and class. At Shen Yun Dancer, we live by and strive to exemplify values of “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance” in every piece we present.

Our Dancewear Collection

To do justice to our designer’s vision, and to fulfill the needs of the world’s top dancers, we had to ensure our clothes are made with the finest materials and highest level of craftsmanship.

In keeping with the Shen Yun aesthetic, the look of the collection is fitted and trim, but not too tight or revealing. It’s a delicate balance. You’ll find mesh at the torso to wick away moisture, and specially tailored necklines to better release heat. Each piece is functional and elegant.

To create dancewear that breathes well and feels light, we repeatedly tested a range of fabrics. We chose premium Pima cotton and combined it with cellulose fiber to craft gorgeously smooth, natural blends exclusive to our line. This material is highly durable, reduces friction, and retains its form. It wicks away moisture, dries quickly, and is easy to care for.

This new line was originally created for the elite dancers of Shen Yun. Each piece is specifically designed to ensure that even the most complex dance movements are perfectly free and without obstruction. This collection fits the needs of professional dancers, whether of classical Chinese dance or ballet, as well as the requirements of active people everywhere.

We’re eager to share it with you because we know that—if you strive for the kind of excellence and dedication that Shen Yun represents—you’ll be very excited too.