A fresh start never felt so good

A fresh start never felt so good

Growing up, I never wanted summer to end. Most kids love summer and often don’t look forward to going back to school. But this past year has been unique with many children being out of school due to the pandemic.

This year, more than ever, kids are reporting that they are looking forward to going back to school to see their friends or participate in sports and other social activities. It’s an excitement like never before.

It’s a fresh start for kids—a time to build new experiences and relationships. Providing them with high-quality activewear might not seem meaningful but these gifts will last them for years to come and remind them about this important time in their lives.

Sometimes refreshing their closet can also help them feel more positive and confident for the new year ahead.

Our activewear collection offers kids a breathable, high quality, and classy option for going back to school in style.

These pieces are perfect to layer for cooler weather or wear on their own during warmer months. 

Enjoy 20% off on our entire Kids’ Collection during our back-to-school sale ending 9/30/2021.

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