The Polo Every Guy Needs

The Polo Every Guy Needs

The polo shirt is one of the most indispensable items in a gentleman’s closet. Originating from the British polo fields of the mid-19th century, the polo shirt has gone from a formal sports uniform to a menswear classic. 

From Rene Lacoste pioneering the shirt to Ralph Lauren making it famous in America, almost every guy now owns a polo. 

So what makes Shen Yun Dancer’s polo shirt stand out from the rest?

5 ways this upgrade to a men’s classic stands out. 

1. Long sleeves

While most polos are great for either the golf course or a backyard party, they might not be dressy enough for the office. Making this polo long sleeve not only allows it to be multi-seasonal but also suitably formal should the setting call for it. 

2. Luxury collar

Woven trim and a more distinguished collar add a classic finish that makes this polo stand out from the soft collar short sleeve polos you might be used to. This allows it to be easily taken a notch up by adding a blazer.


3. Button cuffs

Woven cuffs with two buttons make this polo more like a dress shirt than a casual shirt. You can always roll it up for a more casual occasion. 

4. Material

Expertly finished cotton makes this lightweight and slightly stretchy polo both breathable and comfortable in a multitude of climates. 

5. Excellent cut 

Slightly snug, this form-fitting polo complements the natural contours of the body. It is usually worn untucked, but may also be tucked in.


There’s something classy and refined yet also relaxed about Shen Yun Dancer’s Long Sleeve Polo. Whether spring or summer, clear a space in your closet for this extraordinary shirt, which comes in four colors. 


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