10 Ways to Style the Classic Skirt and Hoodie

10 Ways to Style the Classic Skirt and Hoodie

After a winter of deep jewel tones and variations of brown, cream, and gray, it’s time to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. As the snow melts and the sun’s rays start feeling warm again, look forward to lighter fabrics and shorter cuts.

This spring we are featuring the Woman’s Classic Skirt and Classic Hoodie. Sporty and feminine, this combination comes in regal bronze-orange, stunning blue, and clean, crisp white.

Ready to transition into warmer weather? Here are 10 ways to style our Classic Skirt and Hoodie for spring.

1. Polo or Tee and Classic Skirt. Pair the skirt with your favorite T-shirt, or a polo for just-off-the-tennis-court chic.

2. Add the Classic Hoodie for the complete look.

3. Wear with a Mock-neck T-shirt. A mock-neck makes you look taller, and is a touch more elegant.

4. Throw on a Trench Coat to fend off the chill. This is a great way to transition your outfits into spring.

5. A Sweater and Classic Skirt. Sometimes it’s still cold outside, but your legs need a break from pants.

6. Classic Hoodie and Athletic Pants. Easy and comfortable, this is what Shen Yun performers like to wear between classes and rehearsals during the warmer seasons. Our Everyday Stretchy Pants or Double Drawstring Aerial Dance Pants are perfect for this outfit.

7. For a bit more polish, pair with the Imperial Jacket. The versatile Classic Skirt can be dressed up with the sophisticated Imperial Jacket. It’s like throwing on a trusty leather jacket, but much more comfortable.

8. Add a Down Jacket for the chilliest days. We dancers love our down jackets—it’s warmth without much weight.

9. Classic Skirt and a Blouse make a pretty pairing for spring dates, parties, or even work.

10. Pair with a Blazer to instantly elevate your outfit.

Go and give these pairings a try. Add a cute pair of sneakers, flats, pumps, or ankle boots, and you’re on your way to spring!

Don’t forget to send us your outfits. We love seeing your creativity!

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