Perfect Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Perfect Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

With Father’s Day on the horizon, finding family fun activities to do together is a must.

No matter the season, kids will be kids. They will want to play and move, and generally find any excuse to go outside. This is a good thing, especially after being cooped up in the house for long periods. There’s simply no substitute for sunshine. It reinvigorates us and contributes to both our physical as well as mental well-being. 

Clothes that suit both indoor and outdoor activities are not so much a trend anymore, but a necessity. Athletic leisurewear, a.k.a. athleisure wear, has been gaining momentum especially because adults seek more than just comfort—they want something with a touch of flair, even if in a minimal way. 

Children don’t have to miss out. 

The Shen Yun Dancer range for children is designed for a wide range of activities. Modal and cotton are the main materials used in the children’s range, which makes them very comfortable. Kids will love wearing them all day long. Whether it’s for dance or relaxation, our comfortable activewear is fit for all activities. 

Activities to Get You and Your Kids Moving

Dance is perfect in many ways. Kids learn to connect with the music’s melody and rhythm and respond with physical engagement that requires balance and muscle control. Music can also be a powerful healing tool. 

The warm weather might mean reassembling that trampoline. Kids + jumping = FUN. This high-energy bounce machine means they will need clothes that are comfortable, but not too loose.

Planting vegetables in a small backyard garden. If you have the space to farm a little it’s a great opportunity for kids to interact with nature and learn more about healthy eating. Spring is a perfect time to plant a number of different vegetables or even flowers.

Bike riding strengthens coordination and balance. It also gives a sense of accomplishment.

Ball games—What could be more satisfying than making contact with a ball in the air? Take your pick and play with one or more family members or friends. Just make sure to point yourself away from any windows.

Mini-home-golf. Building the course can be just as much fun as the game itself. Hand-eye coordination and focus are at play here—great skills to keep working on. Croquette can also be similar.

Go roller-skating. Like dance, this is a great way to learn balance and muscle control.

Fly a kite. A lofty and physical activity to enjoy. Just make sure to pick a clear area so that your kite doesn’t get stuck up a tree or on a powerline—a fate too common!  

Winding Them Down

Ancient Chinese culture incorporated meditation and breathing exercises into children’s daily lives and was a prerequisite for being a good scholar. Kids are naturally good at meditation and can easily achieve a state of tranquility because they have fewer worries and complicated thoughts to contend with. It helps to wear soft clothes that aren’t too tight when you’re sitting, no matter what the position.

Kids might take their bodies for granted and yoga is all about stretching and being mindful of every single part of the body. 

Board games like chess, as well as card gamesare not only fun but also great learning tools.  

Origami introduces kids to the idea that paper can be manipulated in infinite ways to create something that has much greater strength and beauty than the starting material. 

Puzzles—the more complicated, the more intriguing. Just remember to pick one that suits the age of the child. 

Have a room cleaning competition. Granted, this sounds like it might not be that much fun, but then the prize can be a much sought-after toy or movie with the family.

Don’t discount the importance of reading an actual book with pages, and possibly pictures. There’s nothing like a good story that you don’t want to put down. You just might have to get them into the habit first. Lead by example.

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