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The virtues of an artist align with timeless values that enable the creation and sharing of goodness.
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Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance
Michelle Lian
What does being truthful mean to you?
“Confidence is one of the layers of being truthful... your inner self has to be beautiful enough, true enough and compassionate enough to give you the confidence to show it.”
— Michelle Lian, Shen Yun Principal Dancer
Angelia Wang.
How can we be more compassionate?
“When you don’t put yourself first and don’t emphasize your own importance, you’ll even consider a smile you receive from others to be a huge blessing. You’ll feel gratified.”
— Angelia Wang, Shen Yun Principal Dancer
William Li
Why is tolerance so important?
“Keep working hard, because results take a long time to see. You can't give up half way. It takes a lot of dedication. You have to make a lot of sacrifice, but if you endure it, it’s worth it.”
— William Li, Shen Yun Dancer
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