The Dancewear

We’re pleased to launch a new line especially designed for dance professionals. This is Artist Fashion’s core collection, with patent breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and comfortable during the toughest training. If you’re a serious dancer, these are the clothes for you.
When Form
Meets Function
“When I put this on, it was like—this is what I’ve been looking for all these years!”
Shen Yun principal Dancer ANGELIA WANG
Mesh and perforated hole technology keep you cool. Four-way stretch technology keeps you loose. Simple lines make for an elegant look. The shirt won’t run and the pants won’t tug. It’s the ultimate dancewear, but you’ll barely feel you’re wearing it.

We’re also pleased to introduce the dancewear collection for kids and young adults.

For kids, dance is an opportunity for fitness and fun, to build skills and positive habits. Our dancewear helps young dancers feel comfortable, confident, and secure.

“You know what? Dancing in a hot and humid place like Australia or Taiwan, having the right clothes to keep you cool and dry makes all the difference.”
Shen Yun principal Dancer Jay Huang
Dance With
Supports full and expressive movements with a super-soft Pima cotton blend and four-way stretch technology.
Moisture Wicking
High Stretch
Ultra Soft
Moisture Wicking
High Stretch
Ultra Soft
Perfected With the
Dancer in Mind
Soft and stretchy, odor control fabric keeps you feeling confident, while drying technology keeps you comfortable. Fitted but not tight, our new collection is both functional and light.

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